Mission Statement

We have wholeheartedly embarked on a mission to alter the world we experience daily in a multifarious approach. We will not rest until we have innovated the experience we have in this universe. Be it through means of designing our built environment or tirelessly working to not conform to [and also revamp] certain antiquated societal practices. We aim to aid humanity as a whole through anything we place our energy behind.

Our Company

Nyatasa Design + Creations was founded in the dawn of 2018 and bred through diligence and blessings. In a world full of people conforming to what they see society finding acceptable, we decided to step outside of the more traveled path. Here to diligently and meticulously work to bring our own dreams to reality, we also noticed the need to assist others in bringing their dreams to fruition. Founded by Zakeem Nyatasa, who has an extensive background in Architecture and Construction we mainly focus on commercial and residential building design but have many talented licensed individuals working with us able to assist in a wide variety of sectors; such as graphic design, BIM modeling, prospective renderings, virtual walk-throughs, logo design / enhancement, app creation / design, and many more. Due to opportunity knocking at the right time, coupled with hard work and dedication, we have established multiple partnerships in the commercial industry that allow us to continue to grow our brand and footprint.


Zakeem Nyatasa

Founder| Architectural Consultant | Senior project Manager

I graduated from Tusekegee University in 2011 with a Professional Bachelors Degree in Architecture with a minor in Business Administration. After graduating, I was blessed to travel the world a bit until being hired by a small architectural firm in Atlanta, GA. When I started working at the firm, there was only two of us in a basement. In 8 years, we built the small office up to 20 people and  I was able to progress to project manager. This served me well as I was in charge of running multiple projects from start to finish while managing some younger associates on my team. After watching the owner be negligent with the company and go bankrupt, I had two options, go work for someone else or start my own endeavor. Having been in the industry for some time and understanding the importance of keeping good relationships; I knew I had good rapport with some of our clients & consultants. This made the decision easy, as I was heartbroken after putting so much sweat into another humans dream. I vowed that day, that if I was going to ever work that hard again it would be for myself; stating that I would do everything in my power to never have to work for anyone again. This lead me to passionately seeking out the individuals on my team and establishing this company to better advance not only all our lives, careers, and futures; but also those of all humanity.